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Everyone is chasing a 'someday'. Whether it's 'someday I'll build my dream home', 'someday I'll have a family' or 'someday I'll run my own business', everyone has goals and things they would love to achieve. 

To chase our 'someday', we all want to feel our most confident and best selves. For us at Chasing Someday, jewellery is joy in a bit of gold and/or silver - even if our jeans are feeling a little too snug that day or our favourite jumper is in the wash, we add a pair of earrings or an initial necklace that reminds us of a loved one to our outfit and VOILA! We walk with a little more confidence into our day because we feel a little bit better about ourselves. Of course self confidence doesn't come from wearing a bit of jewellery, but we certainly find happiness in our shiny morsels of joy!

Chasing Someday Jewellery is based in Adelaide, Australia. All jewellery is designed, sourced or made by a one woman operation. 

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